360° of change.

A long time ago, everything was so clear-cut. Marketing agencies were marketing agencies, and customers were customers. Information flowed one way: down. Customers either put up, or wrote angry letters to the Complaint Department that, more often than not, went nowhere.

This was not a situation where things were bound to end well. When marketing professionals begin to confuse taglines with actual ideas… when focus groups take the place of honest talk about products… you know something’s gotta give.

Something strange happened along the way. With the Internet, the market got a real voice. Online conversations interpret sales-speak, censorship, and bullheadedness as damage – and route around it. Marketing professionals could no longer hide behind their ad agencies and consumer surveys.

Even stranger, the old roles failed to hold up. The mute “audience” got a voice. The “client” couldn’t meet the growing clamor with more of the same marketing-speak. Companies had to get a voice of their own – or get drowned out.

The rules have changed. The dust hasn’t quite settled yet. We at Boma are both participants and witnesses in this ongoing conversation. This blog is our contribution to the dialogue, while it lasts.

We hope you can listen in. And have your own say.

New This Week

Mike Aquino deals with the kerfuffle between Virgin Mobile and Creative Commons license holders in his blog entry entitled “Screwed by Virgin?”


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