Posted by: qgeronimo | September 27, 2007

Truth in Marketing

A few days ago, a colleague of mine referred me to the site I am blown away by the insights that this 1999 Manifesto offered. It’s a very straightforward article, very refreshing and thought-provoking – even alarming but in a positive way.

What struck me the most is this line …”As sophisticated as marketing became, it has never overcome the ability of people to smell the BS behind all the marketing perfume.”

Makes a lot of sense right?

Today when collaboration is at an all-time high maintaining credibility is of utmost importance, having a strong image will definitely help companies and individuals (who are brands themselves) create, maintain and expand relationships or what we usually call networks.

Individuals who are in charge of their freelance career, corporate message or business are getting their hands in the Web 2.0 cookie jar. Joining social networks like LinkedIn and establishing personal blogs through My Space, Multiply or WordPress.

It’s time for a little introspection. How do you strive to maintain your credibility?


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