Posted by: Mike A. | September 25, 2007

The rundown: Today on 2.0.

Social Networking: The Next Big Thing in Business Collaboration? Really? Good for business? Somebody tell our sysad to unblock Friendster, stat! Hmm, I personally have trouble accepting the premise, because I don’t see social networking a la Facebook and Orkut working well in the business context. Businesses do need software that can harness social networks for the bottom line. But it sure won’t be the way Facebook or Friendster do it.

The Lemur CATTA – the best way to deal with those pesky blog commenters who simply don’t RTFA (read the F’ing article). In brief: the CATTA pulls three random sentences from the current blog entry and six random sentences from a different entry, mixes them up, and forces would-be commenters to pick the three sentences that are from the entry he just read. Meh, why go to all that trouble? I prefer the expedient of humiliation, which means the Douche comment widget is my tool of choice.

Is this guy serious? His site says he turned down a $700,000 offer for his domain name. What does he want for it? What’s the name really worth, anyway? Because I have a hard time imagining that “guys who can’t be bothered to spell flickr right” isn’t exactly a $700,000 market.

Americans Can Go Without Sex Longer than the Internet, Study Finds. Really? Exactly how long can the Internet go without sex?



  1. 700,000?? That’s peanuts! I put in a bid for 800k myself… got a 404 error. :p

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