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Happy Holidays from Boma!

In the interest of spreading Holiday cheer and entertainment, we here at Boma have put together a short music video featuring our more musically-inclined employees (Ted, our president, chief among them). The production of this video was both a source of amusement and stress-relief for us, and we hope that watching it will provide the same effects for you.  

Please enjoy this lighthearted peek into our company. And if you don’t, please forgive us! J

Watch the video in: 

Happy holidays to you all from Boma!

Posted by: Mike A. | September 28, 2007

Baby steps…

While I’m hugely optimistic about Boma blogging to the rest of the world, this test platform hasn’t been totally free of kinks.

This version of WordPress is hosted by WordPress itself, so that means three things: 1) certain web applications are blocked; 2) we can’t install widgets; 3) we can’t customize the blog template itself as much as we’d like. These setbacks bug me more than you know.

  1. Certain web applications are blocked. As this WordPress FAQ explains, certain tags are blocked for security reasons. To its credit, the free-hosted WordPress offers workarounds that let you plug in content from Google Video, Youtube, DailyMotion, Grouper, Odeo, and SplashCast. (You can see this post as an example of a DailyMotion video embedded in the post.) This blockage won’t be a problem if we host WordPress ourselves, on our own web servers. This will also give us more functionality. Read More…
Posted by: Mike A. | September 28, 2007

Boma interviews: Working with the Experts.

We asked our clients about the type of people they wanted on their team. Desiree, Shauli, and Ron say they want a mix of drive, creativity, but mainly a passion for learning on the job.

Posted by: qgeronimo | September 27, 2007

Truth in Marketing

A few days ago, a colleague of mine referred me to the site I am blown away by the insights that this 1999 Manifesto offered. It’s a very straightforward article, very refreshing and thought-provoking – even alarming but in a positive way.

What struck me the most is this line …”As sophisticated as marketing became, it has never overcome the ability of people to smell the BS behind all the marketing perfume.”

Makes a lot of sense right?

Today when collaboration is at an all-time high maintaining credibility is of utmost importance, having a strong image will definitely help companies and individuals (who are brands themselves) create, maintain and expand relationships or what we usually call networks.

Individuals who are in charge of their freelance career, corporate message or business are getting their hands in the Web 2.0 cookie jar. Joining social networks like LinkedIn and establishing personal blogs through My Space, Multiply or WordPress.

It’s time for a little introspection. How do you strive to maintain your credibility?

Posted by: Mike A. | September 25, 2007

The rundown: Today on 2.0.

Social Networking: The Next Big Thing in Business Collaboration? Really? Good for business? Somebody tell our sysad to unblock Friendster, stat! Hmm, I personally have trouble accepting the premise, because I don’t see social networking a la Facebook and Orkut working well in the business context. Businesses do need software that can harness social networks for the bottom line. But it sure won’t be the way Facebook or Friendster do it.

The Lemur CATTA – the best way to deal with those pesky blog commenters who simply don’t RTFA (read the F’ing article). In brief: the CATTA pulls three random sentences from the current blog entry and six random sentences from a different entry, mixes them up, and forces would-be commenters to pick the three sentences that are from the entry he just read. Meh, why go to all that trouble? I prefer the expedient of humiliation, which means the Douche comment widget is my tool of choice.

Is this guy serious? His site says he turned down a $700,000 offer for his domain name. What does he want for it? What’s the name really worth, anyway? Because I have a hard time imagining that “guys who can’t be bothered to spell flickr right” isn’t exactly a $700,000 market.

Americans Can Go Without Sex Longer than the Internet, Study Finds. Really? Exactly how long can the Internet go without sex?

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